Energy Transition Design LLC is an education and technology design studio for the energy transition. Our mission is to make the energy transition more equitable, accessible, and understandable through user-centered and energy-centered design practices.

Services & Products
We provide a wide range of design services that include developing curriculum, technical documentation, products, interfaces, physical objects, museum installations, and interactive experiences; conducting both technical and user research; and much more.

We produce educational solar carts for schools, camps, cultural organizations, and more. These carts are functional off-grid PV systems that are designed to teach the user about solar power. They include a number of interfaces for collecting data and interacting with the device. The carts are typically paired with our curriculum and/or workshops. Email us if you are interested in bringing the solar cart project to your organization.

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Our clients have included municipal governments, businesses in the sustainable energy industry, non-profits, educational institutions, academic research labs, and cultural institutions. Some of our past work can be seen here.

Energy Transition Design LLC was founded by Alex Nathanson in 2022. The studio grew out of Solar Power for Artists as our client list grew beyond artists and the services we were providing grew beyond just solar power technologies. Solar Power for Artists continues on as our education platform to provide accessible classes and resources for learning about creative applications of photovoltaic solar power and other sustainable energy technologies.