We produce educational solar carts and accessible PV systems for schools, camps, cultural organizations, community groups, businesses, and more. All our products can be paired with educational resources such as professional development workshops for an organization's staff, written curriculum, and workshops for your students, audience, or community members. All our products are currently in beta and are available in limited quantities for the moment. Email us at or fill out this form to purchase any of our products.

Educational Solar Cart: $4,500 - $4,850

Our Educational Solar Cart is an open platform for making solar power more accessible. The 50"x30" aluminum cart has an integrated variable tilting PV mounting rack (0-90 degrees), wheels, vents, and a windowed door. The enclosure dimensions are 50"L x 17"D x 24"H (ID: 49"L x 16.75"D x 23.75"H).

You can use the cart as a platform for a wide variety of solar power applications or pair it with our Off-grid Educational PV System. You can also use it with a racking system of your choice by removing the strut we've provided and bolting your own system on. (We've test it pipe systems and Iron Ridge rails.)

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Note: The cart does not include any solar panels or electrical components.

Off-grid Educational PV System: $2,000 - $2,500

Our Off-grid Educational PV System opens up the black box of PV systems with clearly labeled and color coded components that make teaching about solar power easy! It includes the components shown in the image (charger controller, inverter, over current protection devices, and various cable management components).

Additional add-ons can include clear breaker box covers and French cleats on the back of the board for mounting on a wall or within our solar cart.

Note: A 12V battery, PV modules (up to 290W), and optional battery box are not included and must be purchases from other suppliers seperately. You can find the links to purchase these components via the BOM. We have chosen these specific components because they fit easily within our cart and provide a number of interfaces for collecting data and safetly interacting with the system.

The electrical panel comes pre-wired on a wooden board.

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